Web Hosting


If you're looking for the best solution for all of your web hosting needs, then look no further. TetraHost has competitive and cost effective packages which are packed with features, including all the tools you'll need to start your own web site. All of the web hosting packages come with cPanel, which is a rich backend control panel for administering your web site. In addition, all packages also include MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, CGI, PERL, and even more. Fantastico is also included, which is a tool which installs scripts such as phpBB or Wordpress with the click of a button. You'll not have to worry about script installation again.

Web development


Our primary focus on software development, Web site design, and web based application development and low cost web site development. We always like to provide a low cost solution with higher quality.  In each mentioned fields we have experts who are highly knowledgeable, well experienced and extendedly proven to meet the deadline

Software development


SkyTouch Software  provide services for development software development using any of the current technology such as C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET, JAVA, ASP.NET PHP. We believes that still there is lots of idea, which is just waited to explore. We will help to implement those ideas for you as your development friend. If you any idea which you want to discuss just contact with us, we grantee that we will not disclose the idea and if you required we can sign up a non-discloser agreement with you for your safety