The simplest meaning of Kiosk is Public Information Station. It play significant role to achieve non store sales channel. Generally people would be able to get information as they want and providing unlimited information, time and multiple choice sales platform. With Kiosk people not only promotes themselves but also facilitates profitable information. It's used to focus organisation its product and services while located in stores, hospitals, airport, banks, educational institution, hotels, clinics and other location. It can also enhance on-line transactions e-mail, e-commerce, research, as it is another medium of internet access for public consumption.

Introducing kiosk System

It is our great pleasure to inform you that we introduced Kiosk System which is first time in the market at an earliest possible opportunity. Kiosk is an instrument which gives you ready reference of the information concern. With this your ultimate customer will be getting updated information related to your business and his concern without any hassle. Ultimately this safe time & accurate information in different ways and means.The detail of the product is enclosed as ready reference of Kiosk. We assured with this you could extend your best possible ready quality services to your customer. We hope this will help you to know the product in detail along with its advantages.For further detail if you have any query about the product please contact us.Assuring you of our best services at all times.


Kiosk is being used throughout the global for many years. Mainly as public information station its wide range of customer are benefited on many ways like saving time and money and other outlets. Due to change of technology and customers behaviour the business world is becoming faster service oriented and competitive. Due to globalisation of business, people around the world are coming in Bangladesh who felt to get their information readily from Kiosk. No doubt to meet up customers demand Kiosk is now becoming important phenomena in the business organisation.


Kiosk provide information to demanding customers. It make product servicing information of the available with one touch of a screen. It is time saving reduce face to face meeting by installing Kiosk in strategic premises. Important information will be disseminated without disrupting work schedules. It provide based information in public access points and generate transactions or service feedback from a large base in one point.


1. Shopping mall

2. Airport

3. On line booking train or air ticket

4. Discount ticket

5. Hospital & clinics


Kiosk stained services of transaction to be first, easy and entertaining. The advantages of Kiosk are :

1. Small space but business chance :It can play variety of merchandise which provide unlimited items to chosen by customers. Kiosk therefore not only do increasing purchasing but it increases number of customer.

2. Producing new epoch of powerful media :Kiosk integrated all media including internet and traditional media together. The main control platform of Kiosk can only be referred as a general network of access channel but also the multimedia broad casting which can be regarded as a emerging advertising channel. All of products can reach the function of internet promotion through Kiosk without wasting enterprise resource.

3 Consuming without distance :It gives customer desire of purchase, what customer's need. It co-operates with door step delivery service to grab customers intention without resting time.

4 New pattern of sales promotion :A Kiosk would be able to provide interactive instant massage as well as combined advertising with promotion by the way of Kiosk internet, which will completely break through the time and region restriction in traditional trading.

5 Connects walks of life :Kiosk has already spread out everywhere around the world. In airport, bus-stop, hospitals, hotels and governments offices installed application extend services quality along with the customer's satisfaction


  • It's provide unlimited information that the customer could be chosen.
  • It integrated all media including internet and traditional media together.
  • It provides customer desire of purchase/services what customer need.
  • It provide interactive massage as well as combined advertising with promotion.
  • It's serve everywhere customer wanted to be.